Spirituality and Sexuality

Spirituality and sexuality are closely connected, even more than many people think. Spirituality is the non-physical part of our self, our deep connection with inner spirit. Our spirit is the life-force that pushes us through life. It is our purpose for living and existing in this world. On the other side, sexuality is our physical part, our relationship with our bodies. It is the connection between us and our sensuality and pleasure. So how exactly these two important life things are connected between each other?

Relation between Spirituality and Sexuality

            The closest connection between these two is in that our sexuality is in essence the spirituality coming in a physical shape. They are like the two sides of a coin, two things that make one person complete and fulfilled. If you are embracing your sexuality, then you are on your way to your spirituality and vice versa. To simplify, sexuality to spirituality is what pleasure is to joy or what creativity is to divinity.

            You cannot simply cut of sexuality from spirituality because that is like cutting off the source of life energy. Denying spirituality is like denying one`s purpose and existence. Both spirituality and sexuality are very powerful parts of our bodies. They are truly unique and must be experienced from within. You need to acknowledge your sexuality, love it as it is, and further explore it if you wish to get in touch with your inner self and your spirituality. When you start exploring your own sexuality you are strengthening your spiritual self.

            Keep in mind that sexuality is not just sex as physical act. Sexuality is much more than that. It is a path towards vitality, liberty and creativity. It is a process that opens up your senses and encourages you to perfect different parts of yourself. The way we connect with others is also part of sexuality. People are constantly evolving, both spiritually and sexually, so there is no single definition about how these two are connected and how they help people.

Living Spiritual and Sexual Life

            To live spiritual life means to love yourself, your inner spirit and everything you represent. When you truly love yourself then you can spread that love to others. First we must work on ourselves to become stronger in spirit before affecting other people`s lives. Remember that spirituality and sexuality cannot function without each other as both make us complete as individuals. We must constantly work on ourselves to strengthen our spirit and body. You can find others that live this life by searching a sex dating site.  Stronger spirit, bigger self-awareness and boosted confidence will all positively affect our sexuality. Therefore, strong spiritual work, dedication and hard work in becoming better individuals will make other people around us better too.

            No two individuals are the same, so not all experience spirituality and sexuality in the same way. The best way to explore it is to always work on yourself and getting in touch with your inner spirit. Soon enough you will see the difference and the connection between spirituality and sexuality.

            These were some key notes and facts regarding spirituality and sexuality. Embrace them both, work on yourself and never neglect them. By exploring your spiritual and sexual part you will find some very interesting things regarding yourself. Be aware of them, improve the bad things and perfect the good things to become a complete person.